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Case Study of a Industrial Machinery and components Company in Ghana

Business Background

Company was established in 1970 in consultation with the Ghana Water and Sewerage Corporation (GWSC) to provide high quality un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) Pipes and Fittings manufactured with internationally recognized standards. The Company since then produced and supplied the majority of Ghana’s requirement of small and large diameter PVC Pipes for the supply of water throughout the country. Company has now become the largest manufacturer of Plastic Pipe Systems in WEST AFRICA. It has expanded its product range to cover the manufacture of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) pipes as well as PVC profiles for the building industry.

Objectives of ERP

Company wanted to have a well integrated software system to bring the entire operation under one single software roof. They also wanted to refine their business practice by identifying and eliminating redundant processes and adopting best practices as embedded in the ERP system. They also wanted to have a web enabled product such that top management can access the system from anywhere in the world.

Solution Choice

Company decided in favor of ebizframe only after a lengthy evaluation process spread over a considerable amount of time. They had seen many other ERP products as well. Some of the key reasons for making their decision in favor of ebizframe are as follows:

    • User friendliness of the product
    • Flexibility of the product
    • Well suited to address their specific business challenges
    • Lower cost of ownership
    • Local presence for post implementation support


They have adopted ebizframe quite well with some customization pertaining to Sales, Finance and Production modules.

Functionalities developed for company are as follows:

  • Inventory control based on Item attributes
  • Flexible & extensive quotation functionality in the sales module
  • Dynamically respond to customers’ requirement for specific products like
    • Multiple Currency Transactions.
    • Multiple Division Transactions.
  • Multi/cross currency transaction provision has been specially done as per company’s requirement
  • Production Module has been customized specially for them – covering the following divisions:
    • Windows
    • Pipes
    • Profile
  • Functionality to have better control on Mixes (Mixes is the key raw materials for Pipe production)
  • Optimizing its consumption by increasing profitability of their operation

Benefits after implementing ebizframe ERP

  • They could reduce their cost of operation and improve resource utilization.
  • They could reduce Production wastages by various analysis reports like stock ledger with even detailed information of shop floor stocks available for control and monitoring purposes
  • Better usage and recycling of the shop floor wastages to produce new product
  • Reduction in cycle time for certain operations
  • No more duplicity of work
  • Better control on receivables resulting into effective finance management
  • Much easier to maintain multi-currency ledger and outstanding
  • Easier reconciliation of Banks
  • Tighter controls on Stock Ageing


ebizframe has been implemented on HP ML 370 server with dual processor and 4GB RAM. They are operating from a single location.