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Implementation of ERP Software in Kenya’s largest stationery manufacturing company

Client Introduction

Starting off as a small printing and converting unit engaged in the manufacture of exercise books in 1966 the company has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of exercise books in East and Central Africa. Client also manufactures a wide variety and range of stationery to cater to the needs of students in schools and colleges. Stationery used by commercial establishments and commonly used at homes is also offered in an assorted range to suit very need. The Client has also diversified into wood based products such as blackboard rulers, protractors, set squares, dusters, desks, chairs etc. for schools. They have a customer base of wholesaler and distributors covering Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi, Eritrea and also Madagascar.

Need for an ERP Software in Kenya Stationery Manufacturing Company

Client in Kenya wanted the ERP Software to integrate its different business process like Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Finance, Payroll and Manufacturing.  Some of the areas of concern were management of complete import cycle as per the Kenyan government norms in Purchase module and facility for multi-currency transaction, They also want to maintain raw material costing in Inventory module. They also wanted facility to update attendance file automatically also they wanted eligibility option for advance. In manufacturing multiple job card option was their basic requirement. Also they wanted a system to handle “make-to-order” production specially for export orders. They wanted facility for what-if analysis specially with impact of the cost changes for certain raw materials on their final product.

Benefits Achieved by ERP Software in Kenya Stationery Manufacturing Company

After the implementation of ERP Software the Client in Kenya has been able to achieve better control on inventory of raw materials and finished goods. Various What-if cost scenario analysis can be done by changing the input costs. They can keep track of price of raw material and do useful analysis of supplier wise raw material, reorder levels and lead times. They are now able to easily manage the multi currency invoicing which was necessary for them as they had to do lot of exports and imports. Complete management of import orders is done in the ERP Software including all the documentation required as per the government norms.

With the implementation of Manufacturing module of ERP Software, the largest stationery manufacturing company in Kenya is able to minimize the wastage’s and the efficiency has improved tremendously. A Transport module was also implemented for them which helps them in Tracking of vehicle expenses on the basis of tyre, spare parts and diesel or Petrol.

With the ERP Software in place the much needed integration was achieved by this Kenya company. The information from Operations required by the decision makers was available to them at their finger tips. Excellent Drill down facility has been provided in the Executive Information System meant for the Top Management.  Production costs and profitability is under control,  Better control on the Inventory and purchase processes helped the client cut down the inventory significantly.

ESS has successfully installed many ERP Software in Kenya in multiple domains. To know more about our ERP Software clients in Kenya, please contact us or mail us at marketing@essindia.com.