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Social Networking Website for Employees

Networking, be it professional or social, is an important activity in today’s well connected e-world. People from different origins with similar interests form communities to interact with each other.

In a geographically diverse organization it becomes all the more important for its employees to connect on a common platform. Traditionally it is the email that is the most preferred way to connect in an organization but a trend has started with social networking website development for employees.

Through an intranet based social networking website, employees can share interests, views, and opinions with their peers quickly and effectively.

The social networking website can be used by the employees to discuss their professional as well as personal interests. HR can get useful information volunteered by the employees in the form of an employee directory. This can provide them with informal personal information such as employees’ likes and dislikes etc.

Through the social networking website the organization can monitor employee activities within a firewall and also keep a tab on the employee grievances and issues. This is majorly of great concern to the HR department of the organization as it may help the organization to retain its valued employees, provide participation models for retirees and alumni. The website can be used as a tool to educate employees on issues concerning security, governance, and compliance.

The current trend in social networking website development for employees has Web2.0, Enterprise 2.0 solutions. Wikis enable mutual creation ownership of information that may further foster community building among employees with shared interests.

The enhanced and seamless collaboration of intranet and social media has the potential of leveraging benefits for the organization.  It can also deal with communication and technology issues faced by employees, such as, inbox overload, fragmented conversation in chats, non-interactive discussions/session, absence of expert advice when required etc.

ESS provides technologically upfront social networking website development in India. We have the expertise to customize social networking website for a specific audience. If you are looking to develop a social networking website, please get in touch with our Software Development team at marketing@essindia.com.