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Implementation of ebizframe ERP Software for Namibia Fund Administration Organization

Client Introduction

The Road Fund Administration (RFA) of the Republic of Namibia is a parastatal organisation operating under the auspices of the Minister of Finance, with the object of managing the road user charging system with a view to securing sufficient funding for the achievement of a safe and efficient road sector. RFA’s funding is allocated to mainly projects and programmes for the preservation and development of the national road network and major urban arterials; contributions towards the maintenance of urban roads; traffic information, law enforcement, adjudication and safety, and road research.

Need for an ERP Software for Namibia Organization

The RFA had a number of systems that were running as independent silos, without any integration. The information was passed into the Financial Application from the various silos via journals. The result is manual intervention, which can have disastrous consequences. Hence the need to consolidate data and process into a single centralised database, with client applications for the various agents, arose. The various collecting methods / collecting instruments that the RFA uses as per its enabling Act were:

  1. The Fuel Levy Refunding System
  2. The Cross Border Charging System
  3. The Licensing System
  4. The Mass Distance Charging System .
  5. The Abnormal Load Charges.

RFA wanted to put a structured and discipline business operations which can integrate various operation managed by different application into one single integrated application. They wanted an integrated ERP system which could integrate their Finance, Purchase, Inventory, HR/Payroll, Fixed Assets, Fuel Levy Refunding, Cross Border Charges, Mass Distance Charges functionalities. Also RFA required an enterprise portal integrated with the ERP system.  As RFA had operation across the country at various border posts, they had envisaged a powerful web enabled ERP system which can cover all such functionalities integrated as per their requirement.

Benefits Achieved by ERP System for Namibia Organization

ebizframe ERP Software has automated all the back-end functions of RFA Namibia like Procurement, Inventory Management, Finance and Accounts, Budgeting, Human Resources, Payroll, Fixed Assets Management and Project Costing. Apart from this, customized modules were developed to support and automate the core functions of RFA like Cross Border Charges, Fuel Levies Refunding, and Mass Distance Charges. An Executive Information System is in place for the reporting needs of the Senior Management of RFA. Besides this, ebizframe portal is also deployed on top of these systems which are providing a unified interface for all the internal and external stakeholders of RFA.

After implementation of ERP Software at Namibia Organization, it has been able to Monitor online what transactions are taking place at any time anywhere. They are able to better determine the  amounts for funding for road projects. Earlier there was no means of knowing what the amount to be collected for CBC is or MDC and the RFA at no point had any idea about the actual amount to be collected.. Now with ebizframe they are able to view what exactly was received at various Border posts. This has helped immensely the RFA in knowing exactly what is happening at each border posts. Better definition and allocation of roles to employees has now made sure that each employee has got a specific set of tasks pre-defined in ebizframe. This has helped a lot for streamlining the processes and has better control in place. Various Self Service Applications in the ebizframe Corporate portal has provided employees with various workflow related transactions and helped cut down the process times drastically.